The Canvas of Hope Summit

May 25th - June 8th

Spreading inspiration, hope, and positive thinking.

Register for The Summit of Hope, a fundraising effort of Canvas of Hope, and enjoy conversations with inspiring leaders, who bring the words from Canvas of Hope to life. From May 25th to June 8th, you will receive a daily email with a video where a Leader talks about the word that inspires them and what the word means to them.

Linda Graziano founder of AppQueen is leading the Canvas of Hope effort to raise money and awareness for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, helping people impacted by these diseases. She was nominated to participate in the 2020 Man & Woman of the Year competition for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, a philanthropic competition to support blood cancer research by individuals in communities across the United States.

Linda is on a mission to sell 10,000 books, over a 10 week period starting May 7th, helping more than 1.2 million Americans living with blood cancers.

You can help Linda accomplish her mission by purchasing a copy of Canvas of Hope: book, poster, or both. A portion of the profits will also go towards the Loudoun County COVID Relief Fund.

If you haven't already registered, please register below, and receive the ten days of inspiration during the Summit at no cost!

Thank you for supporting the Canvas of Hope cause!

Inspirational Leaders

Alana Andrews

At the age of 16 years old, Alana Andrews has already written two books and is the Founder and CEO of So Positive, Inc. She helps others by promoting positive lifestyles while developing positive self images in others.

Betsy Fischer

Betsy Fischer is a charismatic and inspirational entrepreneur who has reinvented herself three times. She is a teacher, leader and is all about fun and inclusion.

Brian Clement

Dr. Brian Clement, PhD, NMD, L.N., has lead the health movement for nearly forty years and leads the world renowned and respected, Hippocrates Health Institute.

Charles Kapur

Charles Kapur is the CEO and President of the Greater Reston Chamber of Commerce. He is a compassionate and visionary leader, sits on various boards and supports the greater community through valued partnerships.

Cindy Battino

Cindy Battino is founder of Transformational Healing and hosts Sterling Women. She is a teacher, life coach, energy worker, speaker, author who helps people transform their lives.

Cyndy Porter

Cyndy Porter is the founder and owner of Success thru Style. She coaches professional women in discovering their personal brand and living it inside and out.

Debbie Hoffman

Debbie Hoffman is a speaker and founder of “Power-Up! Your Follow-Up.” Her expertise and system supports entrepreneurs have more ideal clients saying yes to working with them.

Debijo Wheatley

Debijo Wheatley trained as a nurse found her passion for design and art and started Designs by Debijo. She enjoys working with “baby boomers” in renovating homes with functional, and high-end design.

Elaine Gibson

Elaine is The Healthy Lifestyle Expert. Cited #4 of the world’s top ten natural cancer survivors by Extreme Health Radio, after Stage IV Cancer. She shares her hard-won lessons for living an Extraordinary life.

Jennifer Cochran

Jenn specializes in getting people moving again after illness and injury. As a cancer survivor she knows the importance of reclaiming a joyful life and the struggle to return to living life to the fullest.

John Boylan

Recognized as a national security expert, John is a retired US Air Force Lt. Colonel and currently serves as the President of the Dulles Regional Chamber of Commerce. He is an insightful leader who servers various boards.

Lisa Adams

Lisa is an inspirational leader and believes that forgiveness is a starting point to a new beginning. She shares how adversity can fuel you into living a life well lived surrounded by the people you love.

Ria Freydberg

Motivated by personal loss of her mother to a blood cancer, Ria Freyberg has dedicated her career to accelerating cancer cures and supporting patients. Ria is the Executive Director of the National Capital Area Chapter of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS).

Sarah Weise

Gen Z'er, Sarah Weise is the CEO of award-winning marketing research agency Bixa and the best selling author of InstaBrain: The New Rules for Marketing to Generation Z.

Tamara Wolfe

Tamara Wolfe coaches and teaches people how to live their lives to the fullest. She is a certified Life Coach, Speaker, and Teacher and owner of Full Spectrum Living, LCC.

Tina Johnson

Co-Founder of Virginia Women’s Business Conference, and founder of the Women’s Health & Wellness Summit, Tina Johnson is the President & CEO of JP Events & Consulting. She is an active community leader, has served on 9 boards and has received numerous notable awards.

Tony Howard

As President and CEO of the Loudoun Chamber of Commerce, Virginia's largest chamber, Tony Howard is a visionary and committed community leader. Howard currently serves on several nonprofit and advisory boards.

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